Your Success Is Good Enough

Pathway through a field

So stop comparing yourself to others!

Scrolling through social media and looking at the carefully curated lives of friends, family, and strangers, it’s almost impossible not to start doubting yourself. Image after image of the greatest hits from every vacation, wedding, child photography shoot, and hang out is exhausting at best and depressing at worst. Your brain immediately forgets all the great things you’ve accomplished and replaces them with feelings of inadequacy and jealousy. You begin coveting the things in your instagram feed even though you never even knew you wanted them.

This is a call to action. Stop the insanity, stop the self-doubt, and most importantly, stop the mental toll we willingly put ourselves through when we compare our flaws to another’s strengths. We can’t win at that game.

The good news — you don’t have give up your social media, but you do need to to carry out a little introspection. Whether it’s money, family, travel, solving the world’s problems, or some mixture of them all, you can make time and succeed in those areas you deem important. And once you’ve taken a good hard look at yourself, without the input of outsiders, you’ll be able to clearly see what matters to you.

The bad news — there are and will always be people out there that are more successful than you. They’ll be more successful in the areas you consider important, in the areas you believe you are exceeding in, and they’ll be more successful than you in areas you dream about never pursued.

Success is a mindset. The only time you can never succeed is when you base your own success on the opinions of others.
If you’re lucky, your success criteria will line up with the world at large, and you’ll likely find it a little easier to follow your path to success. There’s nothing wrong with taking the path more travelled.

But if you choose a different set of success goals. A set of values with which society doesn’t agree. You will find the world is not set up to provide the same kind of positive reinforcement and letting you know you are heading in the right direction.

No path is incorrect and any direction is worth following if it’s meaningful to you. It’s an unfortunate truth that some paths are more travelled and have been cleared of obstructions, while others are more difficult. But if you are on a path of your choosing, heading towards a successful life of your own creation, you can look over at your fellow travellers, encourage them, and then continue moving forward.

Your success is good enough, as long as it’s good enough for you.

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